July 17, 1987: The Wall

It’s been an interesting week. Peter talked about hitting ‘a wall’ sometime during the season during his orientation talk. I’m not sure, but I think I’m there. All week long I’ve been tired for no real reason and just looking forward to a white collar job when I get outta here. (I shudder that I’m even capable of the thought.)

When I worked in the machine shop, they always pushed for improved rates – almost being inhuman about it. That was frequently a grueling job, especially when I got on the turret lathe. Constant motion – turning wheels, pushing levers, working each individual piece of a 500-part order to within .010-inch of specification, covered with warm lubricant spraying off the pieces mixing with your sweat on an August afternoon.

When I got out here, the work ethic stayed with me, ingrained from parents and the shop. And now I’m just feeling tired. I almost feel like a traitor taking the easy way out to even think about taking a cushy job.

Well, enough of that. The wind has been blowing hard for 24 hours now. Last night it was pretty fierce and we spent the morning repairing flies and tents. Then we got the day off. Kinda. We have to finally get something together for a crew newsletter. I can’t wait to see what we come up with.

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