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June 28, 1987: No Contact

I’m kinda ticked off right now. I spent the better part of the morning digging up enough change to call Kathy in Illinois. I got no answer at her house. No big deal. I thought she might be at David’s. I got a blasted recording at David’s, and it cost me $1.75 to find out he wasn’t home. Next I tried Scott’s, and it cost me another $1.75 to find out he wasn’t home from his little kid. Argh!

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As you can see from yesterday’s journal entry, Larry was found. I just have one more story from that SAR that technically is not one of my stories. I heard it from NPS workers.

There was an NPS trail worker named Larry Evans. Larry’s crew was not involved in the search. Larry was napping under a tree during lunch one day while the search was going on. He was awakened by some hikers coming up the trail calling “La-a-a-rry! La-a-arry!”

Larry sat up rubbing his eyes and hollered back “What?”

Larry found himself surrounded by hikers offering him candy bars and offering to take him back to Richard.

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