Camp Move

I had no journal entries from these few days, but on Monday, June 15, 1987 Yosemite 2 began the first of two camp moves during the season. Our portion of the project in Wawona was finished. Most of the NPS crew was going to continue in Wawona for a while, but the CCC crew was moving up to Tuolumne Meadows. Erin was going to come with us and be our NPS trails foreman. Patti and Matt, NPS trail workers, were coming with us as well.

On Monday we broke our camp down and loaded into our trucks. We moved up to a stock camp at Tuolumne Meadows. We were only going to be here for two weeks. Part of the reason was to acclimate crewmember to higher altitudes than we had been at in Wawona. Vogelsang was going to be higher still, about 10,000 feet, and Erin wanted to acclimate us in steps. Another reason was to work the trails out of the Tuolumne campground area.

The camp move took a couple of days by the time we got our new camp set up and operational. Marty with NPS joined our crew around this time, too. He had worked on a previous backcountry septic system at Merced Lake and was going to be the lead on the Vogelsang septic project.

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