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June 7, 1987: Botched Burgers

What a screwed up day. I don’t even want to talk about it, but I’ve got to write something in here.

Friday night we went and helped Burl move some hay around in his barn. It was a lot of fun. The old wagons are neat.

OK…this one takes a little explaining. The only reason I know today what I was talking about then is because I went back later and made a margin note in my journal: (K.P.–the attempted bbqued burgers)

Back in 1987, I really did not know how to cook. I could follow a simple recipe, but that was it. On this day, I remember making the hamburger patties and putting them on the grill… only to watch the meat slowly slide through the grill and into the fire! I think I was able to salvage something for dinner, but I was so traumatized over this that ever time I had to grill meat for K.P. after this, I told the crew “Everybody just grab your own piece of meat and cook it however you want it.” And I was such a bad cook that everybody thought that was a splendid idea!

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