May 16,1987: Tramping With Muir

Last night I stayed up until 12:30 reading John of the Mountains. An incredible book. Muir is a master of description and an excellent writer. I rank him up there with Tolkien.

Thursday night we went down to the valley to see Conversation With a Tramp. Impressive. Awesome. I loved it. Lee Stetson did a fine job. What I thought was really neat was when I was leafing through John of the Mountains before I actually started reading it and found parts that were incorporated into the play.

I’m going to make it a point for the rest of my stay here to put more of an effort into learning more of the botany, zoology, geology, climatology, and a couple of other –ologies.

It’s clouding over now. It’s 2:00 so it’ll probably be raining in an hour and a half. Turner Ridge rally looks cool with the clouds hanging over it. It looks like if I climbed to the top of a tree on the crest of the ridge I could reach up and touch the clouds.

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