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April 26, 1987: Varnal and Nevada Falls

Another hike today. Or rather, a climb. We went to the Vernal and Nevada Falls and most of the trail is pretty steep with lots of granite stairs.

The whole thing was pretty spectacular. We climbed up through the mist at the bottom of Vernal Falls. The granite was pretty slick and the stairs were pretty big but I made it up. When we got to Vernal Falls we all wanted a group picture, so we asked this guy to take it for us. Five or six times—that’s how many of us had cameras. In return, we took his picture with his wife and grandson.

The climb to Nevada Falls was impressive. You could see the falls almost all the way up, from really good angles. I’m really glad I’m here.

This is really an excellent crew I’m on. It might even turn out to be better than Crew 3. This is gonna be an excellent summer.

One thing that caught my attention today were the warning signs near the falls. They warned us not to get too close to the river—

If you fall in the water and go over the falls you will die.

I believe that’s the precise quote. Another sign said—

Active rock slide area. Do not stop for the next 150 yards.

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